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          Total assets




          Annual output of machine tools



          3billion Revenue

          Baoji Machine Tool Group is the high-class producing,researching and intelligent manufacturing base of CNC machine tool in china.The company was founded in 1965, under the authority of 9 subsidiaries, annual income for about 3 billion yuan, Annual export amount is about 30 million dollars. The main business income at the forefront of the machine tool industry for many years in China.

          Baoji Machine Tool Group takes the mission of "making Chinas Good Machine tools with ingenuity and intelligence,Adheres to the market philosophy of "satisfying customers needs is the bottom line of enterprise survival",persevere in the dual-wheel of technological innovation and market development.The company established a complete R & D manufacturing and production system with talent ,technology and branding by the innovation leading. formed 14 categories, which is more than 200 varieties and 400 specifications of products dominated by the intelligent machine tools, flexible manufacturing cell, Intelligent manufacturing unit and automatic production line.undertaken more than 30 national major projects.It has five marketing service centers around the world and has become a high-end equipment supplier leading the intelligent development of upstream and downstream supply chains in the industry.

          The company has a national CNC system engineering technology research center and a national skill master studio, fully applying the industrial networks, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, and constantly promoting the digitalization of production, management and service, accelerating the transformation from stand-alone intelligence to production line intelligence, and devoting itself to providing customers with complete manufacturing solutions. The company has gathered a large number of innovation teams, technical elites and skilled craftsmen, and has continuously organized of employee vocational skills competitions,national, provincial and municipal level

          During the 14th Five-Year Planperiod, the company takes high-quality development as the theme, accelerates the implementation of customer-centered, makes market and product transformation as the principal line, builds the intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation as the basis for improving quality and increasing efficiency as the goal, builds a high-end milling and turning composite and high-precision machining center R & D and manufacturing bases, constructs a digitalized factory, and becomes a first-class high-end machine supplier in the industry.

          The enterprise has won so many honors like the National labor medal, China Quality and Security Model Enterprise of Export", Top 10 Enterprises of Independent Innovationand the title of Top 10 Product Quality in China machine tool industry, China Machinery Industry Quality and Integrity Enterprise, and the National Industry and Education Enterprise in the field of Advanced Manufacturing in the machinery industry. The company has also been honored with the Eighth Shaanxi Quality Award, shortlisted as 2021 Outstanding Scenario Enterprises of Intelligent Manufacturingby the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and named as the export base of machine tools in Shaanxi Province, the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise. in Shaanxi Province, the vocational skills training base and the provincial training base for high-skilled personnel.

          It has been named as Shaanxi Provincial Machine Tool Export Base, Shaanxi Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprise, Shaanxi Provincial Vocational Skills Training Base, Provincial Highly Skilled Personnel Training Base, Shaanxi Provincial Employee Occupational Ethics Pilot Unit, Provincial and Municipal Pilot Unit of Industrial Workers' Team Construction Reform,  the title of promising and responsible Enterprises in Three-Year Action of State-owned Reform, and the First of Civil Servants' Characteristic Practical Training and Education Base in baoji.


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